Chloe is a queer, trans woman living in Cream City, a Midwestern city loosely based on Milwaukee. She goes to work, she loves her Girlfriend. She’s headstrong and never thinks things through. But mostly? She’s just getting by. That is, she WAS just getting by. But when she almost gets assaulted by a former friend, she suddenly discovers that she as SUPER POWERS! Specifically? Super strength and the ability to shield herself from danger.

So what do you do when you’re a bull-headed millennial dealing with suddenly having super powers? You don a mask and become The Blue Valkyrie, of course. Why The Blue Valkyrie? Well, she just liked the name!

The Blue Valkyrie is a superhero comic about identity, community, and what kind of hero the world really needs. Written by Emily Riesbeck, drawn by David Mitchell, edited by Robin Bellaneau.

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