List of Emily’s Work

It’s Your Funeral. Art by Ellen Kramer. Lettered by Matt Krotzer

Marnie Winters was going to turn her life around. Get out of the house! Make friends! No more “Miserable old Marnie!” Everything was going to plan, until she dies in a freak accident. Now, Marnie’s a ghost trapped on earth, and the only one who can help her is the overenthusiastic, alien social worker, Xel. But Xel has just the thing to help Marnie’s troubled spirit: an internship at the trans-dimensional Department for Spectral Affairs! It’s Your Funeral is a graphic novel about healing, learning to love yourself, and being ok with being not ok. Out June 2nd, 2020 from Iron Circus Comics!

The Blue Valkyrie. Art by David Mitchell. Edited by Robin Bellaneau

Chloe is a queer, trans woman living in Cream City, a Midwestern city loosely based on Milwaukee. She goes to work, she loves her Girlfriend. She’s headstrong and never thinks things through. But mostly? She’s just getting by. That is, she WAS just getting by. But when she almost gets assaulted by a former friend, she suddenly discovers that she as SUPER POWERS! Specifically? Super strength and the ability to shield herself from danger. So what do you do when you’re a bull-headed millennial dealing with suddenly having super powers? You don a mask and become The Blue Valkyrie, of course. Why The Blue Valkyrie? Well, she just liked the name!

The Blue Valkyrie is a queer, trans superhero webcomic about identity, community, and what kind of hero the world really needs.

Last Gasp. Cover by Ciel Bahana.

An alien entity known as Xe appeared on earth and said xe would destroy the world in 30 days.There are 7 days left, and humanity’s last hope is Dr. Sebastian Schafer, professor of philosophy at Georgetown University. Time is running out, but as Sebastian and Xe get acquainted, they find themselves more interested in each other than the fate of the world…

Last Gasp is a 76-page queer novelette about finding out who you are, at the end of everything.

Howling Night. Art by Nelly Karlsson

Howling Night is a short, all-aged comic about werewolves and feelinng like you don’t belong, even though everyone says you do.