A mousy pilgrim trudges through an overgrown square. Tiny attendants skitter underfoot, ferrying hunks of oldstone and what whatever other scrap their little tools could salvage. Vines crawl up the structures around her, an entire ecosystem built on what was left behind by those that came before, if you believe the ringwalkers.

When someone you love dies, their ashes must be scattered from Mountain’s summit, or risk their spirits being caught on this side of the skybridge. Nobody understands this better than our pilgrim, but she is an inexperienced traveler, and Mountain’s perils are many, especially as the days grow colder and the nights longer…

But one Climber remains around Mountain’s base, ready to ferry weary pilgrims, and put their dead to rest.

Mountain is a new sci-fi story from Bitmap Prager and Emily Riesbeck telling an enduring story of loss, grief and the journeys a friendship can take. Prager’s breathtaking colors and painted atmospheres create a world you can step into, warming yourself by the fire in the cold of Mountain’s shadow…

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