When someone you love dies, you must climb to Mountain’s summit to spread their ashes, or their spirit will forever be trapped in the material plane. Nobody understands this better than a chatty mouse girl making pilgrimage to Mountain with the ashes of her late mother in toe. But she is an inexperienced climber, and Mountain is full of perils and pitfalls. When she meets a cool and confident climber, she convinces them to help her reach the summit. But the climber has their own reasons to scale Mountain, and their strength alone won’t get the two of them to the top.

Mountain is a 40-page science fiction comic about grief, friendship, and understanding that even the strongest seeming people need a helping hand once in a while. With colorful and striking artwork by Bitmap Prager and a simple, allegorical story, this meditative comic is perfect for fans of books like Arzach and Naussica and the Valley of Wind.

Mountain is being published by Cow House Press. Mountain is now available for pre-order and is expected to be released in December 2021. See Cow House’s Store Page for more details!